About Dr Hulda Clark

Who is Dr Hulda Clark and what are her protocols about?

Detox the Clark way, and you will feel, see and experience the positive results.

Dr Clark was an internationally renowned Canadian research scientist, born on 18 October 1928 in the old Soviet Union, and author who began her studies in biology at the University of Saskatchewan, where she was awarded Bachelor of Arts, Magna Cum Laude and Master of Arts with high honours. She received her doctorate degree in physiology in 1958. In 1979 she left government funded research and began private consulting and her own research, which concluded that the scientific community has to pay more attention to two things: parasites and toxins.

In 1985 Dr Hulda Clark discovered a new technology to scan the body electrically, she called it the Syncrometer. The Syncrometer is an audio oscillator that creates a circuit with your body as part of the circuit. When you combine the audio oscillator circuit with your body, you hear a resonance, you have detected a match. By putting a laboratory sample of say,a virus, on a test plate you can determine if you have that virus by listening to the resonance, as everything alive broadcasts a frequency that can be read by this device.(Diagrams of the Syncrometer are included in her book “the Cure for all Diseases-page 457). She also gives easy to follow lessons on using this device and performing tests on youself moulds and solvents; twenty nine lessons in all.

“No matter how long and confusing the list of symptoms the person has, from chronic fatigue to mental problems, I am sure to find only two things wrong: they have in them pollutants and/or parasites. I never find lack of exercise, vitamin deficiencies, hormone levels or anything else to be a PRIMARY causative factor- “The Cure for all Diseases- page 5.”

Dr Hulda Clark also found that parasites release products from their metabolism that poison our bodies. She plotted correlations between particular parasites and particular dis-eases.

Dr Clark has written 8 best seller books that deal extensively with the protocols of herbal cleansing, parasites and the protocols to follow to assist us in cleansing our bodies.

In 1999, Dr Clark received the prestigious “Scientist of the year” award bestowed by the international Association for New science at their tenth annual forum in Fort Collins, Colorado. She worked as a naturopath in USA for most of her life, until she was hounded by the North American health authorities for her unorthodox approach to causes of ill health. Being chronic illness, degenerative illness, automotive illnesses and cancer- is an environmental intoxication- including polluted air, bad quality water and toxins in our food supply- Due to this unorthodox approach she was forced to move to Mexico, where she continued her research and clinic until her death in 3rd  September 2009.

Dr Hulda Clark was probably the most unique author with respect to the copyright notice that appears in her books. Dr Clark stated unequivocally that anyone is free to copy the text of her books for any non-commercial purpose, including posting passages from the books on the internet. The internet, Dr Clark believed, is a democratic vehicle for the broad dissemination of ideas, especially new or controversial ideas of any kind.

It was in this context that Dr Hulda Clark coined the phrase, “Self Health”, by which she meant that the public, through education, can ultimately take care of their health. Today Dr Clark places her methods, her results and conclusions before you.

Dr Hulda Clark’s main focus was on identifying and removing causative factors in order to keep our bodies healthy and our immune system functioning correctly. She encouraged each individual to read her books in order to understand what is going on in their bodies; then to take responsibility of their own bodies and their treatments. From this new treatments arose electrical equipment (Syncrometer, Zapper), herbal, hygiene, lifestyle choices, diet, dental work, etc- often in combination with each other.

What Dr Hulda Clark advocates is simple, but not always easy. Her protocols often require pervasive change and total commitment.

The basis of Dr Hulda Clark’s therapy is actually quite simple, so simple that most of us overlook it: Remove the cause of an illness and the body will heal itself. The main causes of illness are generally toxins in our environment and parasitical infestations.  Couple this therapy, with a holistic approach of looking at mental, emotional blockages and energy flow in the body, and you have a workable, simple method of healing, a method that we all can implement, to take back our power and place our health in our own hands again.

Dr Hulda Clark’s research was so comprehensive in its field that anyone can profit from it. Those that are in ill health can get healthy; those in good health can improve their health to optimum level. Even our beloved pets can benefit from her research and protocols. Dr Clarks 60 years of research and 46 years of practice is our inheritance and legacy to pass on to all who strive to improve their health.

If one takes a logical approach to Dr Clark’s protocols, one can reach a conclusion that her theories are not as radical as first assumed. Her approach is actually very simple and “most logical. Choose your water source, choose clean air, exercise moderately every day, ingest ecological products and not modified ones, free from pesticides, herbicides, choose natural fibre products to wear as opposed to synthetic, avoid microwaves, canned foods and precooked foods, avoid drugs, alcohol and tobacco, avoid pharmaceutical compounds, eliminate all possible amalgams, and avoid electromagnetic contamination. Sunbathe daily at the right times, stimulate the immune system and nourish your body, detoxify the body by means of deep tissue cleansing of the intestines, kidneys, liver and bowels with products manufactured to her high protocols. Products manufactured without solvents, metals, colorants, preservatives and fillers.

Her protocols also suggest something quite fundamental that we often miss “Prevention”.  Extracts from The Clark Therapy By Ignacio Chamorro Balda:  “We all have the idea in our heads that when something in our body or mind fails, the solution is to go to the doctor for a cure, without further analysis most of the times that this happens, leaving it always in the hands of the “health professionals” without asking ourselves the reasons for that imbalance and the manner in which to prevent it. We have been taught to think that it is normal for us to get ill, to be injured, that our blood pressure and sugar levels rises at a certain age, that arthrosis and osteoporosis are parts of our lives, that we can do little to ease the effect of illness or slow them down, that we must take medication which is often toxic (and in most cases has repercussion on our health, causing serious damage). We have been taught to think that it is normal when it is not!!”

Ignacio also preludes to repeated sports injuries that have ended professional careers due to lack of nutritional deficits, undetected chronic infections, problems with metabolisms.  He also mentions that countless cases could have been avoided in athletes and normal clients if the knowledge of heavy metals had been known. Most of the populace have not even heard of metal and heavy metals toxicity. It has been studied, documented and published; the internet has countless cases, so why has this basic knowledge been ignored by our own health care professionals. Ignacio’s opinion is the term “prevention” is not yet on the hard drives of many of these healthcare professionals, since they have been taught and conditioned to prescribe and not prevent. Apart from all this, his main aim is to highlight that if we paid attention to prevention and started to treat clients looking for the origin of the problem and not the symptoms, we would have a huge leap in evolution of health matters.

Times have changed dramatically and we have to adapt and adjust our way of life. Decades ago we were not faced with the level of toxicity of water, air, hygiene products, as we are today. Yes, you are right, years ago there were parasites, just as there are today, but since peoples systems were not as toxic, they could defend themselves with their strong immune systems, not as now.

“Information on health and prevention is a right of every human being”.